joining the abstrait community

what is the idea?

since many years, abstrait and raphaël marionneau present, support and introduce many artists and newcomers. discover a fine selection of actors from international chillout scene. the aim of "abstrait presents" is to create a network and a international platform for:

- artists
- labels
- radio shows
- djs
- events and locations

how to join?

this is 100% free and very simple, you only need to:

1 send your agreement to to be a part of this community.
2 a good quality picture (no artist's logotype)
3 a short description of your music style (for ex.: chillout, ambient, triphop…)
4 your website and facebook or myspace links.

what we do for you?

we will inform on the abstrait community at facebook the lastest adds and news. feel free to had your infos/release/events there too! once a week, raphaël marionneau introduces an artist during his radio show "n-joy abstrait" on
read more.

what do we expect from you?

no money, no contract. we only ask you to add at little logo "member of abstrait" linked to on your website. this little logo is very discret and i think this will not destroy your website design. there are different version on this logotype here. it would be great to communicate too on your next newsletter and/or facebook.

i hope you like this concept and community and i hope it will help you to introduce you to a bigger chillout community. all feedbacks are welcome.

abstrait presents
a division of abstrait
raphaël marionneau


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