experience an abstract voyage into your inner self, steered by your own dreams and fantasies. accompanied by sounds ranging from classical to ambient and electronic music, you travel through millions of light years in just a few seconds, and can set your eyes on parts of the cosmos you have never seen before. meteorites fly by, galaxies sparkle in all their splendour, discover the origins of existence in the depths of the universe. every first wednesday of the month, le voyage abstrait arouses totally new emotions with its intense visual impressions in combination with carefully coordinated music. embark on a journey through space and time with constellations, computer animations and laser effects. every show is live performed and new defined: raphaël marionneau creates an intensive set of classical music, chill-out and electonical beats synchronised with thomas kraupe‘s visuals and simon bottcher‘s lights and lasers that makes this show unique and fascinating since more than 13 years.

the first le voyage abstrait, performed in june 2002 has been an unespected success. owing to this massive response, the show was relaunched in september 2003 at the planetarium which had just been completely modernised and one of the more modern worldwide. divided in two parts of 60 minutes, the multimedia show is an abstract journey throught time and space and became in a short time one of the most successful events at the planetarium and is regularly sold out since many years. in august 2015, planetarium hamburg closes its doors for many monthes. "le voyage abstrait" makes a break.

since 2006, raphaël marionneau and the team of planetarium hamburg invite very special guests from the international music scene to give their interpretation of the space show „le voyage abstrait“. during 2 shows of 90 minutes each, they redefine all together this cosmos trip and play an exclusive set for a very special night.



solee & boss axis
1st show 20:00
2nd show 22:30

planetarium hamburg


oliver schories
1st show 20:00
2nd show 22:30

planetarium hamburg

22 & 23.05.2015

david august
1st show 20:00
2nd show 22:30

planetarium hamburg


2005 boris dlugosch, the discoboys, kowesix
2006 mousse-t, the discoboys
2007 simone young, schiller
2008 mousse-t, schiller
2009 mousse-t, schiller
2009 blank & jones
2010 atb
2010 mousse-t, schiller

2011 timo maas

2011 the discoboys

2011 mousse-t, schiller

2012 blank & jones
2012 ulrich schnauss

2012 moonbootica
2012 richard dorfmeister
2013 mousse-t, schiller
2013 atb

2013 blank & jones
2014 mousse-t, schiller
2014 markus gardeweg & jens thele
2014 stimming (diynamic)

2014 blank & jones

2015 solee & boss axis

2015 oliver schories

2015 david august
2015 kontor: markus gardeweg