experience an abstract voyage into your inner self, steered 

by your own dreams and fantasies, a journey through millions 

of light years in just a few seconds. le voyage abstrait arouses 

totally new emotions with its intense visual impressions in 

combination with carefully coordinated music. embark on a 

journey through space and time with constellations, computer animations by thomas kraupe, lights and laser effects 

by mirko schinke. every show is live performed and unique: 

raphaël marionneau creates an intensive set of classical music, 

chillout and electronical beats that makes this show unique 

and fascinating since 2001 at planetarium hamburg.

le voyage abstrait

at planetarium hamburg

le voyage abstrait

at zeiss groß-planetarium berlin

since 2005, raphaël marionneau invites 

guest stars for a musical space journey:

schiller - mousse t. - atb - blank & jones - the disco boys

richard dorfmeister - boris dlugosch - moonbootica

timo maas - stimming - david august - solee - boss axis

ulrich schnauss - der waldläufer - normandie

thomas lemmer - marcus loeber christian löffler 

ben lukas boysen - etc.